AnNafis Pivot Head Diamond Medium Pitch Pattern 1/2 SQ

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AnNafis Pivot Head Diamond Medium Pitch Pattern 1/2 SQ

Pivot Head Diamond Medium Pitch Pattern 12 SQ

If you're looking for knurling tools that are easy to use, the AnNafis Knurling tool is a good option. It features medium spiral knurls that measure 3/4" by 3/8" and 1/4" wide. The raised ridges create a diamond pattern on the work piece, giving it an attractive finish and slip-proof grip. Proops Brothers Ltd., a leading knurling supplier, has been serving the knurling industry for over 80 years.

AnNafis Knurling tool

The AnNafis Knurling Tool for pivot head diamonds has a medium pitch pattern with a unique angled ridge design for a slip-proof grip. It is easy to replace knurls in the tool without affecting its function. The tool's strength and durability are improved to withstand even the most demanding CNC applications. Its CNC shanks feature a solid one-piece construction and are offset to avoid turret overhang. The knurls are included in each tool in the medium pitch diamond pattern.

The KNURLMASTER is ideal for machine shops and maintenance departments. Its features include internal knurling and repair work on worn-out bores. The tool can knurl under size and rebore it to its original size. It is available in different models, including the Deluxe KNURLMASTER. The KNURLMASTER has a removable extension handle.


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