Chisel Set 20 & 16 5 Piece Point Flat Wide 4 For Demolition

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Chisel Set 20 & 16 5 Piece Point Flat Wide 4 For Demolition

Chisel Set 20  16 5 Piece Point Flat Wide 4 for Demolition

This chisel set includes two points - 20 & 16 - and is made of high-quality steel. The flat edge is useful for edging and chipping medium-hard materials. It also includes a large shank concrete hammer, which is sold separately. The set is perfect for demolition, construction, and remodeling applications. To see how to use it, click on the link below.

1-3/8" x 16" Flat Chisel

A 1-3/8" x 16" flat chisel is a useful tool to use in demolition projects, particularly when chipping and edging medium-hard materials. This set includes two flat chisels, one with a 1" chisel and the other with a 16" tapered scabbard. For maximum performance, you can purchase the set for about $50 at

1-3/8" x 24" Mortising Chisel

A 1-3/8" x 24-inch Mortising Chisel is a versatile tool for use in woodworking. Its shallow depth makes it ideal for work on window sashes. Its slightly trapezoid shape prevents wood chips from getting caught in the chisel's head. This type of mortise chisel is also better suited for deeper mortises, since sashes are generally made of soft wood.

The 1-3/8" x 24-inch Mortising Chisel is available in four sizes, and comes with a plastic storage case. It fits 3/4-inch collars. Its bolster is made from a high-carbon steel alloy that resists wear and tear. This mortising chisel can be used for both masonry and woodworking. Its small size and convenient storage make it a convenient tool for home repair projects.

1-3/8" x 26" Point Chisel

A chisel is a small tool with multiple uses in woodworking and demolition. These tools are useful for chipping, sanding, and breaking apart various building materials. Some are specifically made to shape metal. The set includes two types: flat and pointed. These chisels have different cutting edges and are suited for various demolition applications. You should purchase one for each purpose, and make sure it has the appropriate speed and safety features.

The 1.3/8" x 26" Point Chisels are made of high-carbon steel. They provide a strong, reliable cutting edge. Their precision cut is the key to precision demolition work. In addition, Bosch chisels feature a proprietary heat-treat process for increased efficiency. A quality demolition chisel will last a long time and provide years of trouble-free service.


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