Creative Character Portable Barbecue Stoves

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Creative Character Portable Barbecue Stoves

Portable Barbecue Stove Creative Character Charcoal Oven Washable Removable

The aluminum alloy material used for the body of this portable barbecue stove is safe, durable and heat resistant. Its wooden tray made of solid wood isolates the barbecue from the dining table and prevents it from being burned. The oven's double-layer design is easy to use and detachable. It features a handle on the side for easy transport. Its stainless steel lid is also easy to clean and maintain.

Day Tripper Portable Barbecue Stove

The Day Tripper is a charcoal oven portable barbecue stove that looks and feels like a compact, 9cm briefcase. When it's open, it's a 'cue with enough space to cook for two people. The lid doubles as a lid holder, making the unit easy to carry. Even when fully loaded, it weighs just over 4 pounds, so you won't have to worry about carrying it too far.

TOTOKA Barbecue Grill

The TOTOKA Barbecue Grill is a compact, creative character barbecue stove. It is easy to use and is removable for easy cleaning. Moreover, its removable wood and dual-layer design make it ideal for barbecuing. You can also cook vegetables and fish on it. And you can use it to roast pans or skewers. This barbecue stove is a must-have for every family.

Kamado Joe Jr.

The Kamado Joe Jr. gives you the convenience of kamado cooking in a portable device. Its 148.5-square-inch cooking surface is made of thick-walled ceramic, which locks in heat, flavor, and moisture. The removable cover has a heat deflector plate that allows you to cook with indirect heat. A sturdy handle makes moving the pot easy. The Kamado Joe Jr. is easy to clean and comes with a limited one-year warranty.

The Kamado Joe Jr. offers the same benefits as the Big and Classic Kamado grills, but it has a smaller cooking space and no top or half shelves. The small size of the grill makes it suitable for apartment dwellers. The grill has adjustable top and bottom vents, which can help you cook hot food or low-and-slow food. It also features a ceramic heat deflector, which means that you won't burn your food or get charred while grilling.


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