Drill/Crack Hammer - 2-Pound Sledge With Fiberglass Handle

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Drill/Crack Hammer - 2-Pound Sledge With Fiberglass Handle

DrillingCrack Hammer  2Pound Sledge with Fiberglass Handle

The Sure Strike 64-oz. Blacksmith Hammer is made of forged steel and features a blue-painted head with New England style, two striking surfaces. The head is fully polished and beveled, while the fiberglass handle is textured yellow. The two-pound sledge's head provides increased leverage for heavy blows, even in limited swing environments.

Non-slip handle

Non-slip fiberglass handle on the drill hammer increases safety and prevents the hammer from slipping. The Sure Strike drilling hammer features a blue-painted, hardened and tempered head and fully polished faces. It's designed to strike star drills, cold chisels, and brick chisels. Its 11-inch, jacketed and textured fiberglass handle allows for heavier blows in an environment that limits swing. It's a tough, reliable, and efficient tool.

The handle on the drill/crack hammer should be comfortable for the user. Fiberglass handles are lightweight and reduce vibration and shock during strikes. Patented IsoCore Shock system reduces vibration during strikes. A shatterproof fiberglass handle is also available for durability. Other features that help you grip the hammer better include a rubber grip for better grip. The non-slip fiberglass handle on the drill/crack hammer is an added bonus.

Heavy duty

The Groz 8-pound Heavy Duty Drill/Crack Hammer Sledge has a steel handle and a padded, rubber grip. The lightweight shaft is ideal for driving stakes or hardened nails, while the 20-pound head is ideal for breaking through concrete. The fiberglass handle provides comfort and durability while minimizing the risk of the head flying off. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Wilton sledge hammer is a great choice for homeowners. The hammer's fiberglass handle reduces fatigue and vibration, and the steel head is protected by a rust-resistant finish. The head is coated in a high-visibility green paint to make it easy to see and track. The hammer features a recessed handle that fits snugly into the hammer head.


This sledge hammer is designed for use in drilling and cracking applications. With its patented IsoCore Shock Control System, the tool reduces shock and vibration during strikes. The sledge's fiberglass handle is shatterproof and provides a more secure grip. For added durability, the handle is made with a rubber grip.

This drill hammer features a steel head that is forged for maximum durability and accuracy. Its fiberglass handle reduces vibration and ensures accurate strikes. The forged steel head is crafted from a high carbon steel alloy for durability and a long life. The 2-Pound sledge features an overmolded grip to increase comfort and control.


Sure Strike's drilling/crack hammer is made of blue-painted, hardened-and-tempered steel with fully polished faces and an 11-inch, jacketed and textured yellow fiberglass handle. It is suited for striking cold chisels, star drills, and brick chisels. Its lightweight design allows you to strike a hammer with heavier blows in restricted swing environments. It is a reliable, long-lasting hammer that is both comfortable and durable.

Its weight can range from two to three pounds. Aside from its large striking area, it is also lightweight, which increases its accuracy in striking the target. The thick rubber handle is comfortable and non-slip, and also gives the hammer a higher durability than wood-handled hammers. The sledge hammer is made to last for several months.


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