Fineline 6419-CL Tiny Temptations Glass Cup Square and Twisted

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Fineline 6419-CL Tiny Temptations Glass Cup Square and Twisted

Glass cup square and twisted

If you're looking for the perfect glass cup to serve your drinks, look no further than the fineline 6419-CL Tiny Temptations. These sleek cups are the perfect size for serving coffee and small treats and are perfect for upscale catered events and cocktail parties. They're made from recycled plastic and are recyclable. Their sleek, modern design makes them the perfect choice for drinks, desserts, and other small treats.

Simple Japanese twist square glass water cup

The simple Japanese twist square glass water cup is the perfect accessory for any occasion, and its retro design is sure to attract a lot of admiring glances. Unlike ordinary water bottles, this glassware features an eighteen-piece set, consisting of six each of three sizes. You can enjoy water with your favorite beverage in any of these cups. Toyo Sasaki is a brand that's synonymous with style and wearability. This water glass has perfect proportions for beer, yet is also great for iced coffee or egg cream. The Esquire side water glass is a favorite of many restaurant and home use alike. Its thin, curved glass is lightweight, and it comes in a case of 72.

Colorful Phnom Penh coffee cup

A square and twisted coffee cup with a colorful pattern is a popular Phnom Penh souvenir. Phnom Penh coffee is distinctively bitter and sour, but this characteristic is tempered by the high level of acidity from the Arabica beans used in its preparation. Compared to Robusta, which contains less acidity, Phnom Penh coffee is more bitter. However, many people still prefer it because of its unique shape and flavor.

This colorful, square and twisted cup is reminiscent of a traditional Khmer coffee shop. Traditionally, sugar makes up about six to nine percent of the weight of the coffee bean. However, with the help of a simple pour-over technique, you can preserve the pristine sweetness of Phnom Penh coffee. This coffee is also suitable for drinking with sugar-free milk or other sugar substitutes.

Fineline 6419-CL Tiny Temptations glass cup

A Fineline 6419-CL Tiny TEMPTATIONS glass cup square and twisted is the perfect way to serve small, delicious treats. Its clear polystyrene material looks just like real glass, so your customers will not realize they are drinking from plastic. They are also recyclable, so they're great for the environment. Regardless of the occasion, this clear plastic cup will make your customers feel special.


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