How to Choose a Wall Hanging Flower Vase

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How to Choose a Wall Hanging Flower Vase

Wall Hanging Flower Vase

If you're looking for the perfect flower vase for your room, consider a wall-hanging bud vase. Whether you choose a glass or wood vase, it will surely enhance the look of your flower. A wall-hung bud vase can be filled with your favorite flowers and will last for years. You can even use it as a planter, too. Read on to learn how to choose a wall hanging flower vase that is perfect for your room.

Ceramic Flower Bud Vase

A six-piece set of vintage glass bud vases can transform any tabletop display into a stunning centerpiece. These beautiful pieces have an artistic appearance and can serve as both flower bud holders and stand-alone pieces of art. They add color and style to any room without taking up much space. Best of all, their porcelain color complements any type of flower. In this way, they're perfect for use as a table centerpiece or a decorative item for a wall.

A contemporary artist aims to elevate the bud vase by introducing a new look. For his Charred Vases series, designer Gabriel Tan has created five vases in different silhouettes, each one made using a traditional Portuguese craft called Barro Preto. This technique involves firing the ceramics in an underground pit to form a black patina on them. Its shape resembles a giant ice cream cone, but the decorative function makes it a great choice for tabletop displays.

Mason jar

This beautiful mason jar wall hanging flower vase is the perfect way to showcase fresh flowers and greenery without taking up much floor space. Crafted from painted mason jars, the sconce is mounted on a distressed board. The jars are filled with greenery and a cream-white peony. You can even personalize your sconce by painting the insides of the jars with a bright color.

One of the most beautiful things about a Mason jar wall hanging flower vase is that it is repurposed for many different purposes. If you're in the market for a great wall decoration, consider purchasing the Triple Mason Jar Wall Vase, which supports three glass mason jars. You can fill them with fresh or faux flowers to create a stunning wall gallery. To save money, you can purchase multiple vases and use one in different ways.

Old bottle

Bottle vases add rustic charm to your home. They are a classic element of farmhouse decor. And repurposing old bottles can be a great DIY project for the entire family. Many people enjoy hunting down vintage bottles at flea markets and imagine their flower displays in them. Whether you use them for decoration, or as a focal piece of your room, bottle vases are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your walls.

Start by cutting a scrap of wood and a scrap piece of paper to measure 6'' x 8''. Apply a coat of Mod Podge and distress the paper. Apply a second coat if you intend to use this vase outdoors. Once the paper is dry, place the glass bottle in the center of the wood board. Measure the length and width of the metal trim. You may need to use pliers to cut it according to its thickness.


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