How to Use a 360 Laser Leveler Tool

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How to Use a 360 Laser Leveler Tool

360 Lazer Leveler Tool Self Leveling Laser Line Marker 360 Laser Leveler

You need a laser level for any construction project. But how do you use one? There are several options available, including a self-leveling laser level. The SKIL Self-Leveling 360-Degree Horizontal Cross-Line Laser Level, Tavool 360 Laser Level, and Johnson's 40-6607, which are all reviewed below.

SKIL Self-Leveling 360-Degree Horizontal Cross-Line Laser Level

The SKIL Self-Leveling Laser Leveler Tool projects a bright green horizontal line around your entire room. It covers up to 100 feet in diameter, automatically levels itself, and has LED indicators and a micro-USB port for charging. The SKIL Self-Leveling Laser Leveler Tool will automatically detect any level errors and project a green line as a guide.

Designed for use by homeowners, this laser leveler features three self-leveling red beams and two vertical dual-beam lasers. The 330-foot range of the beams is easily readable, and the laser monitors its battery life so that it can keep calibrating itself to maintain optimal visibility. This laser leveler has a micro-adjustment knob for precise positioning of the laser beam.

Tavool Self-Leveling Laser Level

The Tavool Self-Leveling Laser leveler tool is designed to be used both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal laser line has an accuracy of 1/mm every seven meters. The laser level is easy to use, weighs only 1.2 pounds, and includes a carrying pouch. It also has a lockable self-leveling mode. For larger projects, the laser level can be set to manual or locked self-leveling mode.

The self-leveling feature eliminates the guesswork of figuring out where to position the laser. Once it detects a surface to be off level, it fine-tunes its final position to within four degrees. It also features a lock mode that allows you to adjust the laser's position without having to worry about it moving. The laser leveler has clear instructions for use and an easy-to-use top button to cycle through its settings.

Johnson's 40-6607

If you're looking for a durable laser level, look no further than Johnson's 40-6607 Self-Leveling Laser Line Marker. The machine can project a level beam up to 50 feet without a detector and can level to +/-5 degrees. It is also powered by AA batteries and features an auto-leveling range of +/ five degrees. This leveler is ideal for projects that require the accurate measurement of uneven surfaces.

Leica Rugby Grade Lasers

A high-quality, self-leveling laser, the Leica Rugby 680 Dual Grade Laser Level is designed for professional use in construction applications. Its semi-automatic grade capability enables construction professionals to dial in grades up to 8 percent. Its accuracy rate is 1/16 of an inch at 100 feet, and its range is up to 2,600 feet. Its easy-to-use four-button menu allows you to dial in grade quickly and easily.

The ruggedness of the Rugby 620 rotating laser is matched by its IP 67 water and dust protection. Its ruggedness and a three-year no-cost* warranty eliminates costly mistakes and downtime from your projects. Its powerful Li-Ion battery ensures its reliability even in tough conditions. It is also compact and lightweight, so it will not weigh down your tools. The Leica Rugby 620 rotating laser is powered by a powerful Li-Ion battery.


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