Howard Leight - R-02232 Impact Sport Bolt Digital E-Shooting Review

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Howard Leight - R-02232 Impact Sport Bolt Digital E-Shooting Review

Howard Leight  R02232 Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic Shooting

The Howard Leight – R-02232 Impact Sport Bolt Digital E-Shooting is an excellent choice for your next hunting or shooting trip. This rifle offers the following features: Lightning-fast attack time, Sound amplification circuitry, Automatic noise blocking, and more. Read on to learn more about this rifle. If you are considering purchasing this rifle, make sure you read this article first.

Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic Shooting

If you want to shoot at a range without being overly distracted, then you should get a Howard Leight - R-02232 'Impact Sport Headband Earmuff'. This noise protection earpiece is NRR 22 and features built-in directional microphones for audible range commands. You can also hear ambient sounds with this earpiece, which is very helpful for communication.

The Howard Leight - R-02232's lightning fast.5 MS attack time will protect your ears against harmful noise while enhancing ambient sounds. This ear plug is designed specifically for shooting, with low-profile earcups and directional microphones for superior sound reduction. Its compact folding design makes it easy to carry and store, as well. This ear plug is also designed for comfort.

Sound amplification circuitry

Howard Leight offers a variety of noise-canceling products that help shooters improve their communication during the range. These products feature built-in directional microphones that amplify ambient sounds and range commands. Whether you're on a long shoot or simply want to communicate with your teammates, an earmuff like the Impact Sport Headband Earmuff can help.

The Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Shooting Sound Amplification Earmuff protects you from potentially hazardous noise. It features 21-dB noise cancelling technology and a Noise Reduction Rating of 22. The electronic earcup design is slim, allowing you to maintain a tight gunstock cheek weld, and it prevents the earcup from obstructing your vision.

Lightning-fast attack time

The Impact Sport BOLT Electronic Shooting Earplugs by Howard Leight offer lightning-fast attack time of 0.5 milliseconds, with a noise reduction rating of 22dB. They protect you from hazardous noise while enhancing ambient sounds. Designed specifically for the shooting environment, this product features a slim design with low-profile earcups and directional microphones. They also fold up to make them easy to carry and storage.

Designed with a low-profile earcup that won't impede firearm stock clearance, the Impact Sport BOLT is lightweight and has adjustable headbands that lock into place for a comfortable fit. Built-in directional microphones can amplify range commands five times while also keeping ambient noise to a safe level. The earplugs are also equipped with passive hearing protection, and they come with an automatic shutoff after four hours of use. And because they are powered by two AAA batteries, they will last over 350 hours.

Automatic noise blocking

The Howard Leight - R-02232 IMPACT SPORT BOLTS digital electronic shooting automatic noise blocking earmuffs provide protection from potentially harmful noise and impulsive sound while also allowing normal conversation. The amplification is controlled to 82 dB and shuts off automatically when ambient noise reaches a certain level. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting, these noise blockers are also compatible with safety eyewear.

The Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuffs feature lightning fast.5 millisecond attack time, providing instant hearing protection and passive noise blocking with a Noise Reduction Ration of 22. Specifically designed for use in the shooting range, the Bolt's low profile earcups ensure that you will not miss a moment of the action. Additionally, the Impact Sport Bolt's directional microphones provide optimal tracking and minimize noise distraction.


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