Jumbo Dinosaur Toys - Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

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Jumbo Dinosaur Toys - Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

Jumbo Dinosaur Toys TRex Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

Your youngster will love this set of five giant dinosaurs that encourage imaginative play, oral language development, vocabulary development, and role play. These durable plastic dinosaurs are easy to wash and are sized for small hands. They also include an activity guide that provides fun facts about the animals and discussion starters. These dinosaur toys come with a variety of educational features, including a dinosaur book.

Jumbo Dinosaur Toys

The 6 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Set is a great way to spark creative play and imagination, while helping kids develop vocabulary and language skills. This dinosaur set is made of durable, lightweight plastic for little hands and is dishwasher safe. Each toy comes with an activity guide that includes fun animal facts and discussion starters. It is recommended for ages three and up.

There are several different types of toys that kids will love, including a backpack that looks like a T-Rex and a Pillow Pet Triceratops. A backpack like this is an excellent choice for traveling during the holidays, and has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon. A soft stuffy Triceratops is a great choice for gift giving, as it is easy to clean.

T-Rex Triceratops

5 Pieces Jumbo Dinosaur Set: This set comes with five realistic dinosaur figures and an activity guide with simple animal facts and discussion starters. It's the perfect introduction to the world of paleontology for kids, and is made of durable, dishwasher-safe plastic for young hands. Kids will love the realistic look and feel of these toys, and they're safe to play with indoors or outdoors, whether for pretend play or as part of a science project.

A great choice for kids is the Mega Mouth T-Rex. This 16-inch model features a massive mouth that allows kids to pretend chomp and swallow the human figure it's holding. When they're finished playing, the dinosaur will chomp the human figure and swallow it! The best part is that the human figure can be pulled out of its mouth to play with it again!

Count and Chomp

Your child will love this toy! It comes with everything they need to create a dinosaur theme park, including all the requisite equipment. It can also serve as a great learning tool, with 130 songs to learn about food and colors. It also has five buttons for easy operation, so your little one can use it as a pull toy while the power is off.

This toy comes in a convenient carry case, which makes it easy to transport the toys from one room to another. The triceratops truck features a realistic-looking load of 14 dinosaurs, and also doubles as a carrying case. The set also includes a book on first words. It teaches a child more than 100 dino-related words.

VTech Count and Chomp Dino

The Chomp & Count Dino Toy is a fun educational toy for kids. Children can practice their counting and recognition skills as they watch Chomp & Count Dino eat colorful pieces of play food. The colorful play pieces have numbers on them, and your child can identify each one as they move it around. The Dino is also an excellent way to reinforce basic math and language skills.

With eight colorful pieces of play food, your child can learn about colors, numbers, and shapes with this toy. This toy also allows your child to develop his or her fine motor skills as they push and pull the included pull string. The Dino can also play songs and sing along to keep them entertained. And, you can also play music with Chomp & Count Dino Toys!


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