Klein Tools 32581 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdriver Set

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Klein Tools 32581 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdriver Set

Klein Tools 32581 4in1 Electronics Screwdriver Set

The 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdriver Set by Klein Tools features a swivel cap for precision work. It is made from high-quality tempered steel with precision-milled tips that fit screw openings securely. Its cushion-grip handles and corrosion-resistant chrome plated barrel make this electronic tool a great choice for precision work. The set also includes two extra bits for double-ended screws.

Klein Tools started as a linesman's tool

A lineman is an important part of the communication industry, so it makes sense that Klein Tools started as a linesman' plier. In the early 19th century, the telegraph industry was booming, which required skilled and durable linemen. The company's name came from the linesman's tool that Mathias Klein invented, and the company continued to expand to meet the demands of other trades. Today, Klein Tools offers a complete line of tools for the lineman, including over 100 different pliers of different sizes and styles.

In 1968, Klein Tools began to expand its product line and reach a global audience. The growth of the telephone industry, the use of electric power, and the expansion of railroads created huge demand for dependable hand tools. By the turn of the Twentieth century, Klein Tools offered over 100 different types of pliers and had acquired a number of other companies to expand their product line. After a successful start, Klein Tools expanded to new markets and countries, and today is a leading manufacturer of electrical tools.

Multi-Bit 4-in-1 electronic screwdriver

This multi-tool features two double-ended bits and a swivel cap for precise work. Made of tempered steel, it is heat-treated to increase strength and precision-milled to fit screw openings. Cushion-Grip handles provide comfort and control. ANSI-compliant, it includes two standard and two double-ended bits. You will never run out of bits again.

This tempered steel electronic screwdriver features concealable tips and a rotating cap. Its cushion-grip handle is a comfortable fit for any user. The screwdriver's steel bits are precision-ground and tempered to prevent rust and corrosion. It is also made with tempered steel to maximize strength. Its cushion-grip handle allows users to hold and maneuver the screwdriver comfortably, and two double-ended bits are included. The screwdriver also features an ANSI-compliant cushion-grip handle to ensure maximum comfort and control while using it.

Compact design

This four-in-one electronic screwdriver set includes a 6-in-1 slide drive, a 7-piece cushion grip, and side-cutting pliers. The screwdriver is flame and impact-resistant. The reversible barrel provides optimum control while converting between the hex and flat-shaft styles. It also includes powerful magnets for enhanced bit retention. The handle is a cushion grip for comfort while working.

The compact design of this screwdriver makes it easy to carry on your person. You can also keep it in your pocket or bag. You will find that it comes with a carrying case for convenience. Klein Tools 32581 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdriver Set has a compact design. It includes a slotted screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips driver, and a #2 Phillips screwdriver. It also includes a 1/4-Inch (7 Mm) and 3-Inch Phillips screwdriver.


The Klein Tools 32581 4-in-1 Electronic Screwdriver Set contains six different types of screws and includes a multi-bit electronic screwdriver. This set features internal flanges in the handle for a secure blade anchor and a unique design that lets you easily identify which screwdriver is needed and which tip is angled. The set is made from high-quality stainless steel and is extremely durable.

The electronic screwdrivers are made of tempered steel and are precision milled for the most precise fit. The swivel cap and Cushion-Grip handle make them comfortable to use and provide greater torque. The swivel cap makes them easy to use, and the 1-inch cabinet tip is 19% stronger than the competition. The Precision-Machined tip fits each screw securely and allows for easier application. The set is also corrosion-resistant and has a cushion-grip handle for maximum comfort.


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