LITBLOOM Lighted Brown Willow Branch 32IN 100 LED

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LITBLOOM Lighted Brown Willow Branch 32IN 100 LED

LITBLOOM Lighted Brown Willow Branches 32IN 100 LED

The LITBLOOM Lighted Brown Willow Branch is a wonderful addition to your home's decor. It features a multi-mode light for six to eight hours. This energy-saving product is easy to operate and can be set to six different settings for continuous light. These lighted branches are bendable, so you can create a variety of looks with them. They feature eight working modes to create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Lighted Brown Willow Branches

You can use LITBLOOM's lighted branches for many purposes. You can choose from 6 or 18 hours of continuous light. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. These branches are also bendable and can be used for various purposes. Their length is 29.5 inches. You can also use them to accent your table, shelf, or wall. They have eight settings to choose from.

These lights come with a USB interface so they are easy to use. This means that you don't need to buy batteries. Plugging them in will turn them on. Unlike the battery version, these lights use a USB interface, meaning you don't have to worry about losing six AA batteries! These lights are also bendable and adjustable, and they look great indoors and outdoors. You can also place them in a vase or plant pot to hide them.

Warm White Fairy LEDs

These gorgeously lit branches are perfect for the fall season. They can also double as an entryway accent or a centerpiece for your fall-themed party. These lighted branches are made from copper-wired LED string lights. The Holiday Greens feature 24 warm white LED lights that run on two AA batteries. They have a rich, textured look that perfectly complements fall decor.

The willow branches come with a USB interface so you can plug them into a power outlet and enjoy their beauty for several hours. With the addition of warm white LED lights, the branches can be used as year-round decor as well. They are sturdy, flexible, and can be used for many different purposes, from wedding bouquets to tabletop decor. They're also compatible with other types of artificial plants, including cymbidium orchids and ferns.

Decorative Willow Twigs

The LITBLOOM Lighted Brown Willow Trees feature a versatile design. These artificial branches are adjustable, measuring about 30" long and 20" wide. Each branch is adorned with up to 70 warm white LEDs and can be bent to fit a variety of decor styles. These artificial trees are great for tabletop and floral arrangements, and can even be added to existing floral arrangements.

The branches are battery-powered, but the twig also has a USB plug-in power option for use with a computer or smart phone charger. A USB wall charger can be used to power the branch, or any other USB-powered device that has a 5V input. The twig can be positioned in different locations on your tree, and you can set the timer to adjust its intensity.

Decorative Maple Tree Branches

A lighted brown willow branch makes a gorgeous decoration for your home or office. These branches feature warm white LED lights that shine on the branches for a beautiful accent. This versatile decoration is perfect for vases or staking into the ground. It is also energy-efficient and has a 25,000-hour bulb life. Lighted branches make a lovely decoration in your home or office, or even in the garden.

This artificial tree has a USB interface for convenient plug-in use. The tree is 30 inches tall, has five lighted twigs on each branch, and is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They are also ideal as gifts. They can be bent to fit into different arrangements, and can be used as table top decor. They are energy-efficient and are also eco-friendly.


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