Montessori Sand Tracing Tray With Lid and 26 Alphabet Flashcards

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Montessori Sand Tracing Tray With Lid and 26 Alphabet Flashcards

Sand Tracing Tray  Wooden Montessori Sand Tray with Lid and 26 Alphabet

This sand tracing tray comes with everything you need to trace the letters. It includes a solid beechwood tray, a lid and 26 alphabet flashcards, both upper and lower-case. Natural white sand is included, but you can substitute it with table salt. Wooden pens and metal insets are optional but recommended.

Wooden Raised Alphabet Tiles

Whether you're using a Montessori Sand Tray or not, Wooden Raised Alphabet Tiles are a great choice. These tactile tiles have raised edges that help children practice writing. Children can trace sandpaper letters or even write a name or number in sand. This activity is a fun way to practice writing, while being more interactive than the standard pencil and paper.

Metal Insets

The Metal Insets on a Montessori sand tray are an excellent way to teach children how to distinguish between two similar objects. They help refine a child's visual discrimination by directing his or her attention to subtle differences between overlapping lines and shades. It also helps the child develop the subtle muscular movements needed to recognize letters. Children begin working with the Metal Insets at around four years old.

Wooden Pen

The Wooden Montessori sand tray comes with a lid and the 26 alphabets and numbers are made from cornmeal and sandpaper. The sand and cornmeal are contained by deep sides of the tray, and the lid prevents accidental spills. Made of lacquered pine, the wooden sand tray measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/4" overall.


The safety of wooden Montessori sand tray with lid can be assured by its magnetic lid. This tray is made from beechwood and is nine inches by six inches. It comes with 26 alphabet flashcards and a wooden stylus. It also comes with a large supply of natural white sand and table salt. It is also highly resistant to breakage. It is highly recommended for use in toddlers.

Ideal for make-believe dioramas

Diorama supplies vary according to the concept of the project. Materials might include modeling clay, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, fabric scraps, miniatures, and printed pictures or magazine pages. Paintbrushes and glue are also common supplies. A child might use a paintbrush to create the details. Make sure to use a scale appropriate for the child's age. The finished product is bound to be a work of art for the child to be proud of.

Easy to carry

This wooden Montessori sand tray with lid features 26 different letters, making it a perfect gift for toddlers. With a wooden tray that is portable and easy to clean, the children can create any type of theme, including the alphabet. In addition, the 26 alphabet letters are also easy to identify. The easy-to-carry wooden sand tray has a padded handle so parents can easily transport it from one room to another.


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