No-Clean Solder Wick 4 Blue.098 Width 10' Length

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No-Clean Solder Wick 4 Blue.098 Width 10' Length

NTE Electronics SW0210 NoClean Solder Wick 4 Blue098 Width 10 Length

No-Clean Solder Wick 4 features a patented no-clean flux formula that improves absorption and extraction, and removes up to four times more solder than conventional wicks. This no-clean flux formula does not require cleaning the board, and is halide-free and non-conductive. The 100% copper wick features fine braid design and is available in a standard or anti-static version.

Copper wire

The SW02-10 No-Clean Soldder Wick is a 100% copper braid wick that is formulated with no-clean flux for enhanced absorption and faster solder extraction than conventional swabs. No-clean flux is halide free, non-conductive, and requires no cleaning from the board after use. There are two different bobbin types: anti-static bobbins and standard bobbins.


With its special no-clean flux formula, NTE Electronics SW02-10 No-clean solder wicks extract solder at up to four times the rate of conventional wicks. And, unlike the Type-R fluxes, no-clean wicks are halide-free, non-conductive, making them ideal for use with electronic components. 100% copper wick is available with either standard or anti-static bobbins.

Solder wick

The NTE SW02-10 no-clean solder rework wick has a no-clean flux formula, which makes it easier to remove thick points of solder. This wick also has an increased absorption rate, which makes desoldering easier. It is available in more than 100 countries, and is made from fine copper wire.


This solder wick contains a no-clean flux formula that increases absorption and removes solder up to four times faster than conventional wick. It is non-conductive and halide free, and can be used on both bare boards and reflowable boards without having to be cleaned off the board before using it. This 100% copper wick has fine braid design and is available in both standard and anti-static bobbins.


The NTE Solder Wick is made of fine copper wire woven together. The added no-clean flux formula improves absorption. You can use the solder wick to desolder small components, as well as other electronic parts. It's lightweight and convenient to use. No-clean solder wick helps prevent short circuits.


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