Pneumatic Air Drill Professional Air Hammer - Round Industrial Handle Shovel

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Pneumatic Air Drill Professional Air Hammer - Round Industrial Handle Shovel

Pneumatic Air Drill Professional Air Hammer Round Industrial Handle Shovel

With an SDS-max shank, a Pneumatic Air Drill Professional Air Hammer has the capacity to drill up to 45 mm in concrete. Its powerful motor can be switched on and off. Its ergonomic design makes it convenient to use in a variety of applications. Aside from these features, Pneumatic Air Drill Professional Air Hammers are extremely reliable and efficient.

INGERSOLL RAND AIR HAMMERS are designed with maximum efficiency in mind

Ingersoll Rand air hammers are specifically designed for heavy-duty jobs such as panel or body shearing. Featuring an anti-vibration system, these tools are durable, lightweight and easy to operate. The hammer also features a swivel air inlet and anti-slip grip for reducing strain and preventing your hands from slipping while working.

They can be used in a wide range of applications

This high-powered pneumatic tool is used in a variety of applications, including carpentry, building, and woodworking. Its air hammer features a high torque and variable throttle for easy adjustment. The air hammer is perfect for shaping metals, chiseling stones, and removing concrete. Aside from being highly effective, the air hammer can also be used to pound out a hole in a wall or for other applications.

They are easy to operate

These tools are convenient and easy to operate. They feature a SDS-max shank that is capable of drilling holes up to 50 mm in diameter and are easy to turn on and off. This type of hammer is especially useful for drilling holes in concrete or steel. Depending on the application, it can also crush rivets and extricate them.

They are reliable

A Pneumatic Air Drill can be used for various construction purposes. These tools are very durable and can be used by both professional and regular users. They come with different features that make them reliable and efficient. The following are some of these features. - Comfortable ergonomic handles: Air hammers that fit perfectly into your hands or wrists help prevent fatigue. - Featured with a muffler, they are less noisy and less likely to kick back. - 24 months defect-free warranty

They are durable

These hammers are made of carbon steel and feature a two-step trigger for easy operation. They are designed for professional use and come with different types of chisels to complete different tasks. For instance, the Anndason 4980 is a versatile air hammer, which comes with three flat heads and one spherical head. Besides, these hammers can be used for different applications, including tire and windpipe pressure seam repairs.

They have a long service life

A well-maintained Pneumatic Air Drill Professional Air Hammer can provide excellent performance over a long time. It has many useful features such as safety clutch protection, which ensures the safety of the user's wrist when high torque force is applied. Its 360-degree adjustable handle can be adjusted to various work angles. Its upgraded double layer anti-vibration system helps to reduce fatigue and vibration. Its PU soft grip handle prevents sliding and brings better holding experience.


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