Replacement Parts Piston Bumper and Bumper Sheet

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Replacement Parts Piston Bumper and Bumper Sheet

Replacement Parts Piston Bumper and Bumper Sheet

To repair your car, you'll need the Replacement Parts Piston Bumper and a bumper sheet. The piston bumper is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer and is made of poly plastic with a standard crown stapler. It fits between the cylinder o-ring and the bumper sheet, securing the piston to the body assembly. You can purchase this part individually or as a set with the bumper sheet.

Hitachi/Metabo HPT 877-993 bumper sheet

This Hitachi/Metabo HPT 877-893 bumper sheet is Compatible with: NV45AB2(S) and NV50AP power tools. It also works with Hitachi/Metabo VH501 and N5008A1 models. This Hitachi/Metabo HPT 877-993 bumper sheet is a perfect replacement for any Hitachi/Metabo power tool.

878-179 piston bumper

The Superior Parts DB45V-02 Driver, Bumper and PU Sheet Kit includes the 878-159 Piston Driver, 878-179 Piston Bumper - PU Material, and 878-993 PU Guide Sheet. This kit contains the parts necessary to restore the performance of your Hitachi/Metabo. It is also compatible with models such as the NV45AB2(S), NV50AP, VH501, N5008A1 and NV50AP.

Go Rhino BR bumpers

If you're looking for a new look for your truck, consider installing a new rear or front bumper. Made from 3/16" steel, these bumpers are laser-measured to ensure a perfect fit. These bumpers are easy to install with a winch, and they have the best warranty in the industry: five years! They feature angled designs to provide added ground clearance, additional side support brackets for vibration protection, and a rugged box to prevent bumper damage during shipping.

OEM Benz bumpers

The front bumper on a Mercedes-Benz is made of semi-rigid injection-molded plastic. To repair the cracked area, start by using an 80-grit sanding disc to prepare the surface. Once that's done, apply a piece of mesh to the affected area. Apply another layer of Duramix to the mesh and allow the product to set for a couple of minutes. After that, remove the sheet and paint the entire bumper.

4 Wheel Parts

A new bumper for your truck can improve the looks of your vehicle and make you feel safer while driving. You can also change the design of your bumper and install new lights or even go off-road. If you have a modified truck, a new bumper will add style to your truck. 4 Wheel Parts sells bumpers and bumper accessories from top-notch brands at affordable prices. Whether your truck is modified for off-roading or just for cruising on the highway, you'll be able to find a bumper that meets your needs.


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