Snail - Handmade Ceramic Flower and Creative Decoration

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Snail - Handmade Ceramic Flower and Creative Decoration

Whether you're looking for an unusual way to decorate your home or you're trying to find a unique way to display succulent plants, a Snail shaped pot could be a great choice. These ceramic snails are approximately 9.25" in length and weigh two pounds. They come in white ceramic bisque and are perfect for children and adults alike. The unfinished ceramic figurines can be painted using water-base acrylic paints readily available at craft stores.

Snail planters are a home garden flower and creative decoration

These adorable snail-shaped pots can be used inside or outside the home to display flower plants. The snails are glazed in a red reminiscent of watermelons, while the smaller snail features a teal-colored speckled glaze. The unglazed portions of the snail's body are decorated with buff-colored clay. Snail planters are available with or without a drainage hole, depending on the type of plant you want to place inside them.

Snail planters are a great choice for pet lovers and dinosaur fans. The round, shiny ceramic shell and face add a whimsical touch to any room. Their cute, drooping ears and spiky legs are sure to delight pet owners. Whether they're used to display flowers, succulents, or herbs, these cute pet pots are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home.

Snail shaped succulent plant pot

This snail shaped ceramic planter makes a great planter for inside or outside your home. The pot has an opening at the back for drainage, and the snail itself is glazed in a shade of watermelon red. The smaller snail is glazed with a speckle effect in teal. The unglazed portion of the snail's body showcases the buff-colored clay beneath. It is important to choose the appropriate plants for your snail, as a lack of drainage can lead to over-watering.

If you're decorating a terrarium for snails, it's important to choose the right plants. Snails prefer a humid environment, so succulent-type plants can be a good choice. Succulents can be easy to maintain, but be careful about choosing them. Tropical plants are the best option because they require less water. Lastly, avoid painted items as they can leach chemicals.


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