Stainless Steel Pull Handles For Toolbox Lifting Door Chest 4 Inch

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Stainless Steel Pull Handles For Toolbox Lifting Door Chest 4 Inch

Stainless Steel Pull Handles for Toolbox Lifting Door Chest 4 Inch

This chest handle is made of stainless steel with a silver tone. The handle is brand new. It is a perfect match for your toolbox or garage. This item can be found in any hardware store. The Grainger website offers a large selection of handles and pulls. You'll be glad you found it! You'll find it easy to put the handle on any toolbox.


Grainger carries a wide selection of pull handles for a wide variety of applications, from kitchen cabinets to desk drawers. In addition to toolbox handles, Grainger also offers door pulls, latchless handles, and drawer glides. The horizontal pull handle, also known as a ring pull, is a popular type of handle. The sleek, flush-mount design is great for both drawers and cabinets.

Grainger handles and pulls

Grainger offers hundreds of different handles, which can be used on kitchen cabinets, desk drawers, and even rugged heavy barn doors. Horizontal pull handle (also known as ring pull) is a popular choice for latchless and latch-style door and drawer handles. Its flush-mount design makes it a versatile option for both kitchen cabinets and tool boxes. Other Grainger handles and pulls for toolboxes include recessed pulls, which are great for replacing broken or missing pulls.


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