VELLO LEDLB-24ET-M-RED 50 Lumens LED Red/Black Magnetic Light Fixture

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VELLO LEDLB-24ET-M-RED 50 Lumens LED Red/Black Magnetic Light Fixture

50 Lumens LED RedBlack Magnetic Light

The VELLO LEDLB-24ET-M-RED 50 Lumens LED Red/Black Magnetic Lighting Fixture has dual 100-lbs magnets and a trunnion mounting design for easy fixture placement and angle positioning. It features a 270-degree positioning angle, and no tools are required for adjusting the angle. You can easily install this fixture by simply tightening the two-thumb bolts on the mounting trunnion.

VELLO's magnetic adapter

The VELLO's 50 Lumens, Red/Black Magnetic Light adapter features compact, bright LED lights, five lighting modes, and a rechargeable USB plug. It can be attached to a USB plug for convenience and is fully waterproof and dust-proof. It also features a USB plug, which is a great feature for travelers. When you need to recharge the battery of the magnetic light, simply plug in the adapter and plug it into the power supply.

TerraLux TLH-50 LED 540 Lumens Headlamp

If you want to buy a headlamp for night time use, you should check out the TerraLux TLH-50 LED 530 Lumens Headlamp. It runs on two CR123 batteries and can produce up to 540 lumens. The TLH-50 can run for up to three hours in Max mode and weighs only 1 pound. It is also waterproof.

With its powerful 540 Lumens, the TLH-50 LED headlamp will light up your way up in no time. It has a beam distance of 442 feet and a nice center hotspot. The lightweight aluminum construction and Type II hard anodized coating make this headlamp highly durable and will last a long time. The TLH-50 is waterproof and shock-resistant up to 1 meter.


A 50 Lumens LED Red/Black Magnetic Lighting Bar is perfect for use indoors and outdoors. This durable light bar comes with a wireless remote control. This model is made with a high-quality PC lampshade that produces warm light without glare. There is also a timer to set the light's intensity. It has an on/off switch, dimming controls, and swinging head that swivels from side to side.


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