Vintage Pin Brooch - Early Safety Catch and Roll-Over Clasp

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Vintage Pin Brooch - Early Safety Catch and Roll-Over Clasp

Vintage Pin Brooch Sterling Silver 925 Red Roze Year 1990s

If you're looking to buy a vintage pin brooch, you've come to the right place. These vintage brooches have an early safety catch and a roll-over clasp, which means they're from the 1960s or later. But how do you tell if your vintage brooch has the Early safety catch? Here are a few tips for you. And remember to buy the piece for the right price!

Vintage jewelry made in the 1960s-80s

When dating a brooch, there are many things to look for, including the pin itself. Listed below are some important details to consider, as well as tips for dating a particular brooch. Keep in mind, however, that you should never rely solely on the pin itself, as you should also consider the metal, stone, and glass type. These tips are only meant as general guidelines, and you should always do a thorough check before dating your brooch. Also, if you find a brooch with a long pin or crude c-clasp, it is probably not a 1990s piece. T-bar hinges are typically found in post 1930s jewellery, and the same goes for antique pieces.

Early safety catch

The early safety catch is the most popular type of pin brooch clasp. It is hand-made and often made by the same person who makes the brooch. There are many variations in safety catch types, from the lever safety to the scissor-like device. This article will briefly discuss some of the most popular types and describe why they are so attractive. You'll also learn how to spot them in vintage pin brooches.

Roll-over clasp

When dating a vintage pin brooch, you have to look at more than just the pin to determine its age. You have to consider the material, shape, and design, as well as the gemstone, metal, and glass used in its creation. While these are good general guidelines, you may occasionally see an unusual or crude c-clasp or long pin. Post 1930s brooches may also feature a T-bar hinge.

Early safety catch on vintage pin brooch

Vintage pin brooches are the most popular type of jewellery in the United States. Safety catches are designed to keep the pin from falling out. The early safety catches are hand-made by the person who made the brooch. However, the design of these catches is not the same. The lever safety and scissor-like device are both typical examples of early safety catches.

Typical fasteners for pins, hinges and catch

There are three types of fasteners: a tube hinge, a ring hinge and a screw hinge. Tube hinges are made from three hollow metal tubes. Two are attached to the decorative piece and one is soldered to the pin. A rod runs through all three. A separate piece is soldered to the pin end.


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