YUFUTOL Pack of 5 Wood Turning Carbide Cutter Inserts

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YUFUTOL Pack of 5 Wood Turning Carbide Cutter Inserts

Pack of 5 Wood Turning carbide Cutter inserts Combination Set

Having a Combination Set of Carbide Cutter Inserts will provide you with the perfect selection for your wood-turning job. The five different sized inserts are compatible with YUFUTOL brand wood-turning tools, as well as many other brands. The combination set comes with a Square (14mm-15mm), Round (16mm), and Diamond Shape With Radius Point.

Simple Turner & Hollower

The Simple Turner & Hollower combination set of carbide cutter inserts includes the most versatile and basic tools available on the market. Featuring four sharp edges, these cutters are great for rough cutting, hollowing and general woodturning jobs. They are available in both hard and soft wood, and can be used on a variety of materials including acrylic and particle board. The carbide detailer cutter's pointed tip makes it ideal for cutting chuck tenons.

A basic woodturning tool set includes three high-quality tools: a roughing-out square tool, a diamond detailer, and a round finisher. The tools also feature indexable carbide inserts for easy and fast replacement. These tools can be used for both roughing out and hollowing tasks, and they are designed to accommodate varying shapes and sizes.

Easy Micro

The Easy Micro Wood Turning carbide cutters combination set is a great way to sharpen your tools without spending money on resharpening. This set includes a rougher, detailer, and finisher and is a great option for a beginner or an experienced turner. The two tools can be used for roughing and finishing, as well as cutting chuck tenons.

The carbide cutters stay sharper for longer, allowing you to cut a wide variety of projects, without having to replace the entire set. Carbide cutters are beginner-friendly, allowing any woodworker to use them for any project. These woodworking tools are available in several sizes, ranging from small bowls to large furniture pieces. And the Easy Micro Wood Turning carbide cutter inserts combination set comes with 2 pieces of each type.


Using an Ultra-Shear carbide cutter insert set can dramatically increase the performance of your turning tools. These cutting tools do not require sharpening, which is important because this process releases fine metal particles into the woodshop. This means less work for you and longer tool life. Ultra-Shear's carbide cutter insert set is perfect for all of your woodturning needs. Here's how it works:

The combination set comes with two different types of cutting profiles, including diamond-shaped and slightly radiused. Both types of cutting profiles are available in different sizes and shapes. You can also purchase hollowing tools, such as a bevel gouge, with a gooseneck shaft. You'll find that both of these types of carbide tools make the process easier for beginners. The Ultra-Shear set comes with an instruction manual and videos to show you how to use the tools.


The YUFUTOL Wood Turning carbides cutter inserts combination set contains a variety of options for your woodturning project. It features carbide inserts in various shapes and sizes. It includes round and square inserts, as well as detail bars. The Swan Neck Hollower Bar has an 18 mm square carbide insert, which helps you to achieve relief when cutting large bowls.

The set includes three high-quality tools, including a diamond detailer, a roughing out square, and a round finisher. The three tools are paired with interchangeable carbide cutter inserts that can be resharpened easily without the need to use a sharpening stone. The combination set also includes an indexable replacement carbide insert for ease of wear and replacement.


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