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  • 【Cooling and quenching thirst toy】 Put the toy in the clear water and squeeze the top of the toy with your fingers to let the water flow into the toy through the hollow hole. Then place the toy horizontally in the freezer of the refrigerator and freeze for 1-4 hours before taking it out for the dog to lick , Can cool down the dog. The ice water melted when the toy is heated during the dog's play and bite will flow out through the hollow hole to quench the dog's thirst.
  • 【Molar teeth cleaning toy】 The cute simulation turkey leg shape can attract the dog's desire to bite. The original designed zigzag grinding teeth, arranged horizontally and vertically, can deeply clean the incisor and sharp teeth of the dog's molars and can effectively remove them. The various food residues, dirt and dental calculus on the dog's teeth fully protect the dog's oral health.
  • 【Feeding leakage function】After the bone-shaped nylon rod is drawn out, it can be used as a food leakage toy. Dog food or snacks can be added to the soft rubber drumstick channel. When the dog bites and plays with the turkey drumstick, it will drop grain grains as a reward for playing, which can stimulate the dog's interest in playing.
  • 【Chicken leg bone type hard rod】The nylon material is extremely chew-resistant. It can be directly taken out as another kind of teething toy for dogs.
  • 【Hollow hole】Use your fingers to squeeze the top of the toy to let water flow into the toy through the hollow hole; when the dog is biting while playing, the melted ice water will flow out through the hollow hole. Serrated molar convex point -------. The original designed zigzag grinding teeth horizontally and vertically arranged can deeply clean the dog’s molars and can effectively remove all kinds of rice residue, dirt and tartar on the dog’s teeth and fully protect the dog’s oral health.
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