Fluorescent Water Bullet Gel Balls Water Bead for Gun Pistol Airsoft Gun Accessory Rifle Bullets Glow in Dark 3000-9000Pcs 7-8mm

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1.【Amazing Visual Experience in the Dark】 The balls glow in the dark thanks to their green fluorescence. Keep the balls first for a short time under the light (e.g. under flashlight from the smartphone). Then bring them into the dark, their unique green florescent color will start to shine.
2.【Summer night shooting game】Suitable for water gun toy gun to replenish ammunition. These gels will break when impacted. Good cleaning pleasure, no dust, stains, or pollution.
3.【Charge in advance, the effect is better】please use strong light before use, the effect is better. After absorbing light energy, it naturally has the characteristics of night light, and the flight path of water droplets can be seen at night.
4.【Wide Application】Suitable for water-spray toy guns to supplement ammunition, water bombs, decorations, vase fillings, scientific experiments, DIY art projects, etc.


1. Item Type: Fluorescent Water Bullets
2. Material: Gel
3. Color: Light Green
4. Diameter: 7~8 mm
5. Instructions: Absorbe the sunlight or other light in advance
6. Suit for: Night Airsoft Game

What Are Water Bullets?

Water Bullets are small gel balls made from Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), a non-irritating, starch-based material. Water hydrated Gels burst on contact and immediately begin to evaporate. Water beads won’t stain clothes, are safe to use and will not cause harm to people or object.


1.Do not store gels in freezer;
2.Do not using boil water to soak gel ball;
3.Large container and enough water are better. when soaking gel ball, 4-5 hours is enough by using pure water.
5.Do not eat it.
6.Please use a container large enough so that the water bullets will not overflow the container after it absorbs water and expands.
7. Need to absorb sunlight or strong light source to achieve fluorescent effect. You can use a high power flashlight to shine the water bullets ball for a while to recharge. or you can also use it with BB tracer.

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Light yellow, Dark Khaki, plum, Army Green