MulWark 11pc 1/4 Mini Ratchet Wrench Close Quarters Pocket Screwdriver Set

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  • 11pcs Normal Bits
  • 20pcs Short Bits
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Product Description

MulWark 11pc Small Ratcheting Bent Automotive Screwdriver & Bits Set
Troubleshooter and timesaver when working with screws in a tight quarter!

Deep Reach into Restricted Spot With Limited Clearance
This handy right angled screwdriver set with ultra-compact size, convenient ratcheting mechanism and easily-toggled direction selection switch, makes it easy to get at hard to reach enclosed areas(as tight as 1” wide) behind, between or underneath barriers, without any frustration or fumbling. Designed for quick and easy assembly & disassembly & repair use, it features:

● High-alloy steel and solid constructed handle for strength and durability
● Sturdy control and great power, helping you to gain the leverage you need when removing screws
● Allowing high work without need of a step-stool or low work with having to get on one’s knees, reducing strain on back and arms, lessens chance of contortion injury
● Working forward or reverse over, under, or around obstructions or through openings with a full 360 degrees of rotation
● Increasing productivity by allowing rapid screw tightening using your finger & thumb
● Improving control for truer holes and straighter alignment, and extends tool life
● The magnetic power can securely hold bits and provide enough torque
● The miniature size facilitates it to work with repairs of vehicle, PC, laptop, etc.

This Set Contains:
- 1 pc driver handle with left-right direction selection lever
- 2 pc 25mm #1 Phillips head screwdriver bits
- 1 pc 25mm #2 Phillips head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm #3 Phillips head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm #1 Pozidriv head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm #2 Pozidriv head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm 4.5mm Slotted head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm 7.0mm Slotted head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm T15 Star shaped torx head screwdriver bit
- 1 pc 25mm T20 Star shaped torx head screwdriver bit

★Tips to Help You Make Full Use of This Tool★
● These are mini ratchets and bits, so they're not intended for high torque applications.
● The thickness and width of the bits’ blade must correspond exactly to the screw slot
● Blade must bottom in slot and tool must be held plumb

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11pcs Normal Bits, 20pcs Short Bits




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