Muzata 10Pack Cable Railing kit Invisible Swageless 1/8" Terminal Receiver Flat Head

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  • NiceView System-- In this pre-designed system, we have planned everything you need for building a cable railing project, including posts, handrails, cables, terminals, and tools. Please scroll down to" product description" for more details or download the user guide PDF for complete system information. You can also click "Visit the Muzata Store" below the page title to check all our systems.
  • Patent Swageless -- These cable railing fittings are patent designed to be swageless, which you don't need any crimping tool to crimp or swage, greatly saving your time and effort in crimping cable railing fitting.
  • Patent Invisible -- With this patent designed invisible tensioner kit, you can finally hide the whole terminal inside the post to get a fully neat appearance of this cable railing system. The customized socket wrench Muzata CT16 is required for the invisible installation. It keeps the rod from spinning when we tighten the cable.
  • Marine-Grade -- This cable railing hardware is made of T316 stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and durable for both indoor and outdoor, even coastal applications.
  • Free Design Service -- If you are a beginner or not sure about how to do it, please reach us by clicking on "by Muzata" below "add to cart." Our experts can do all the planning, designing, and estimating work for you without extra charges. Then you can follow the shopping list to buy all the materials in 3 minutes.
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    NiceView System
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