Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks, 22 lb+ Heavy Duty Earth Magnets with Hook

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  • 22lbs Magnetic Hooks
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Product Description

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Neosmuk’s products are mainly composed of steel and (ND2-FE14-B). With the help of our state-of-the-art powder metallurgy technologies. So far, a maximum energy product of 414KJ/m3(52MGOe) has been produced, and high coercivity high energy product like NS-50UH is also available.

Our magnets achieved the world’s highest levels of remanence Br, intrinsic coercive force Hcj, energy product (BH)max, and temperature stability. A full range of magnetic characteristics provides the most optimal solution to magnet selection, enabling radical down-sizing, lightweight, and super powerful magnetic devices.

An ‘into market’ service system has been built so as to respond quickly to concerns from our customers and iron out the difficulties of technical issues. Years of experience in the calculation and design of magnets using the finite element method decisively shorten the development period and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

We have done critical actions for establishing a sustainable and stable supply chain for low-cost high-power products by the way of reducing light earth elements and avoiding using Tb(terbium), Dy(dysprosium), and other heavy earth elements with high market fluctuation risks, and initiating a new magnetic property series equivalent to those of the world’s highest level high-power materials

As a manufacturer having plentiful R&D ability on magnetic circuit designs as well as outstanding quality and high-performance magnets, we energetically support the application and optimization of products using magnets

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Tools & home improvement:

Tools hanging with Neosmuk magnetic hooks

What affects attractive force of magnetic hooks?


Whether magnetic hooks can hold 0lb, few pounds,many pounds, your steel is decisive!

1.A thicker Steel

Thin steel means saturation of flux in the magnetic circuit. Excess magnetic flux is wasted in the air and can't be utilized.

2.Thinner painting/no spacer

Thick painting will give rise to a great leakage of flux,only a small portion of flux from magnetic hooks can be utilized to provide the attractive force.The thicker the painting, the worse the magnetic force!


Please be reasonable when sticking the magnetic hooks to a thin steel with thick and smooth painting at sideways, like Refrigerator,Filing cabinet...etc,because most flux is wasted in air !

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22lbs Magnetic Hooks, 35lbs Magnetic Hooks, 100lbs Magnetic Hooks




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