Pacifiers Puppy Kitten Silicone Feeder,Doggie Bubble Bowl- Soft Puppy Milk Feeder Silicone Puppy Feeder for Feeding Small Pets Puppy Kitten 180ml 4

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  • Silicone puppy feeder with nipples, not only for feeding but also for feeding, suitable for pet babies of different ages. Concave-convex design at the bottom, not easy to knock over.
  • If the nipple is blocked, it can be unblocked with a nipple dredger. The silicone feeder is washable and can be reused.
  • Universal pet milk bowl for cats and dogs. Imitation breast milk shape, self-sucking, not easy to choke, in line with the natural law of pet breastfeeding.
  • Doggie bubble bowl Designed for puppy and kittens for a week old and above, the nipple feeder is Made of silicone, soft, flexible and durable, easy to clean.
  • When a newborn dog uses this feeder for the first time, it is necessary to guide the puppies into the nipples. When the puppies can bite the nipple, the puppies will slowly drink water by themselves.
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