Reptile Turtle Basking Platform Large Dock

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  • The turtle basking platform is made of high quality PVC material, which is strong and durable. The basking platform is safe for turtles and water quality
  • The flat surface of the basking platform can be used as a basking platform for turtles, lizards, chameleons and other reptiles to provide them with a place to bask their backs. Sunbathing can replenish the calcium and increase the body temperature of the reptile, which is good for bone growth, metabolism and food digestion
  • The ramp of the basking platform can be used as a climbing rack for the reptile. The climbing ramp can be used for daily climbing, which can increase the amount of exercise and enhance physical fitness
  • The lower part of the basking platform can be used as a hide. The grid of the basking platform provides shade underneath the basking platform and can be placed on the water or sand to create a safe hiding area for the reptiles. Satisfies their desire to cool, play and be protected
  • This product combines a basking platform, climbing and hide in one. It can be used for a variety of reptiles such as turtles, lizards, chameleons, hermit crabs, and frogs. The size of the basking platform is large, so please choose according to your tank and product size
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