Swim Goggles, 2 Pack Swimming Goggles No Leaking Adult Men Women Youth

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  • Aqua & Bright Rose
  • Aqua & Bright Sliver
  • Aqua & Clear
  • Aqua & Clear Black
  • Aqua & Double Aqua
  • Aqua & Light Blue
  • Aqua & Light Orange
  • Black & Light Blue
  • Bright Blue & Aqua
  • Bright Blue & Sliver
  • Light Black & Deep Black
  • Pink & Green
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  • Thermoplastic Rubber frame
  • Anti-Fog Coating coating
  • Why choose this set? Introductory Offer! Two sets for the price of one! You can own both clear and mirrored swim goggles. Clear are excellent for winter, night or indoor swimming and mirrored are perfect for sunlight. Two great colours to suit your mood or colour co-ordinate with your swimmers.
  • Fog-up? No! The inner surfaces of the lenses are coated with the latest colorful Environmental Treatment Technology, that will maximumly prevent fogging for your goggles, and would not hurt your eyes and skin. Use our quality protective case to keep your googles looking brand new.
  • Leaking? No! The specially manufactured Premium silicone material plus the Ergonomic design of the goggles ensures a snug fit on all face shapes, and STOPS annoying leaks.
  • Eyes protection? Yes! The outer surfaces of the lenses are carefully coated to enable the lenses to filter out sunlight, and protect your eyes from heat of sunrays.
  • Stylish look? Absolutely! Our fashionable colours, and our smooth sleek lines, create a sporty high-fashion look that will make you stand out in the crowd.
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    Aqua & Bright Rose, Aqua & Bright Sliver, Aqua & Clear, Aqua & Clear Black, Aqua & Double Aqua, Aqua & Light Blue, Aqua & Light Orange, Black & Light Blue, Bright Blue & Aqua, Bright Blue & Sliver, Light Black & Deep Black, Pink & Green