Talking Duck Toy,Duck Stuffed Animated Birthday Plush Can Repeats What You Say and Singing 120 English Songs

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  • Duck
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Product Description

talking duck toy
Animal Dancing Plush
talking toy
animated talking musical plush toy

Talking Duck Toys can Singing,Dancing and Repeats what You Say.

  1. Birthday Gift :The duck toy can singing 120 english song(including birthday song );
  2. Babies Learn to Talk Toy:The duck that repeats what you say can keep repeating his words while your child is babbling, which can make your child enjoy talking more;
  3. Interactive Plush Toy:Children aged 3-12 are master imitators, they can learn the funny movements of ducks to bring you joy, and the 120 songs of ducks can improve their love of music;
  4. Love Recorder :Many words in our life are inconvenient to say on the spot, so we can express them through ducks, such as saying some messages to our dear ones or giving children holiday gifts and caring languages through the recording of ducks festivals;

This talking duck has something for everyone, the soft and comfy plush makes it safer for your kids to play, and the multiple music and hilarious moves will keep your entertained. repeats what you say and recording can bring you more communication and understanding, talking duck deserves everyone to have it.

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