Turtle Basking Platform, Floating Turtle Pier Rectangular Terrapin Dock Aquarium Float Decoration Bask Terrace Climb Brazilian Tortoise

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  • 🐢【Tough Material】- Made of high-quality plastic material, tough and durable. The bearing capacity is strong, the load is more than two kg, and there is no problem for the common tortoise station four or five. It does not pollute the water quality and does not affect the PH value of any type of aquarium. Your small pets can play them without any misgivings.
  • 🐸【Turtle Basking Platform】The amphibious reptiles prefer to dry their backs, so as to relieve their stress and enhance their physical fitness and immunity. Therefore, adding a sun-backing platform not only adds aesthetics, ecology, but also the health of your pet.
  • 🦀【Automatic Floating Design】- The floating platform will be floating automatically. It can float just above the water line of your aquarium, fits most medium and large tanks, avoid turtles sink under water for longtime.
  • 🐌【Easy to Climb】- The ladder with ramp is specially designed for small reptiles, so that tortoises, frogs, water turtles, etc. can easily enter the platform and crawl freely. The platform pedal has anti-slip point design and design a reasonable climbing length and climbing angle.
  • 🦎【Delicate Design】- It is easy to install and can be placed in shallow water. Three-in-one amphibious platform design, pets can hide underneath and climb up to create an amusement park for pets.
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