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  • High Quality Material:Our bird food bowl set is made of natural wood and stainless steel, which stands wear and tear and resists rust and cracks. This product is an excellent choice for feeding your pet birds which create a friendly environment for you pet to grow up.
  • Perching & Chewing: In front of our bird food bowl is a wooden stick on which your pet can stand to eat or rest. Of course, beacause of our excellent selection of material, your pet can also peck at it when bored, which add fun for your pet.
  • Considerate Design:Our bird food bowl set has two food bowls and you can take full advantage of this. You can use one for dry food and the other for wet water. Or your bird can eat with a companion, which can increase its happiness and reduce loneliness.
  • Bird Cage Accessories: We have prepared srews and pieces of iron for you, then you can hang it on the bird cage flexibily. The food bowl set can be mounted between the bars by means of mounting brackets. It can also be used as a decoration for a birdcage, which makes the birdcage more beautiful,
  • Widely Application: Our food bowl is 2.56 inch in diameter and 2.36 inch in height. The shelf of the bowl is 7.87 inch long and 4.33 inch wide. It is perfect for Parrot Macaw Budgies Parakeet Cockatiels Conure Lovebirds Finch Pigeon Rat Ferret Rabbit Chinchilla Hamster Cage.
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