Car Set of 7 Rainbow Painted Cars - Montessori Wooden Car Set - Waldorf Car Trolley Toy Derivable Play Cars - Toddler Gift

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🚙 Slimline Wooden Cars Set

🌈 7 wooden cars in pastel blue, green(2), pink, yellow, orange(2) and three peg people.

🚘 This set is 10 pieces
(7 wooden cars and 3 peg doll)

🌈 Cars are in various shapes, including a race car, a truck, and a bus or van

☁️ Approximately 12cm long
☁️ Lime wood
☁️Non-toxic water based color stain
☁️For children 1+
☁️A gorgeous set of pastel coloured timber cars, perfect for playing in, amongst, and along

🌈Wooden rainbows, pebbles, people, and bridges, as well as on our ever popular Waytoplay car tracks.

🚙This Slimline Cars Set features five colourful cars in pastel colours and different vehicle shapes.

🚗 The Slimline Cars are narrow in the body, allowing them to travel over narrow bridges and making them the perfect size for grasping by small hands.

🚙Textural and absolutely beautiful in the hand, these toy cars will receive lots of attention in the playroom.

🚗The cars are made from lime wood that has been carefully coloured using non-toxic water-based dyes.

🥳Each hand-stained piece is unique to your set.

💕Rainbow wooden toys are beautiful and sensory and simply a lot of fun to play with.

🌈Open ended rainbow wooden toys provide opportunities for children to grow in confidence and competence as they allow for your child to use their cognitive skills to form their own ideas and creativity in a visual and tangible way.

🌈Open ended toys work their fine motor, large motor, and cognitive skills as they manipulate the toy.

🧡Being hand-finished, each of rainbow wooden stacker beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing.

🎄Perfect christmas gift, birthday gift for the toddlers and kids.

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