Kawaii Pikachued Plush Stuffed Doll Pokemoned Cosplay Eevee Charizard Snorlax Garchomp Tyranitar Hydreigon Ampharos Toy For Kids

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  • Snorlax 20cm
  • Charizard 20cm
  • Tyranitar 20cm
  • Hydreigon 20cm
  • Garchomp 20cm
  • Charizard Y A 22cm
  • Slowpoke 23cm
  • Lucario 23cm
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Kawaii Pikachued plush stuffed dolls are very popular among fans of Anime and Comics. They can be used for cosplay or for home decorations. These adorable plush toys are available in different designs and sizes. They make a perfect gift for any occasion.


The anime series Pokemon features the adorable Charizard. This fictional creature first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue and was later made into a popular merchandise item. Later in the franchise, Charizard also made an appearance in the Pokemon spin-off titles, cartoons, and animated adaptations. The character is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki in both the Japanese and English-language anime. It is the final evolution of the Charmander.

The Charizard has two teal wings and a mostly orange body and back. Its eyes are light blue. It can be divided into two forms: regular and Mega. The regular form has light blue eyes and a light blue body. Mega Evolved versions of Charizard have larger claws and teeth and a bright belly that extends to the bottom of the muzzle.

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Snorlax 20cm, Charizard 20cm, Tyranitar 20cm, Hydreigon 20cm, Garchomp 20cm, Charizard Y A 22cm, Slowpoke 23cm, Lucario 23cm




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