NuuForms Flexible Magnetic Key & Knick-Knack Holder. Novelty Trinket Hanger and Organizer.

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  • FLEXIBLE AND CUSTOMIZEABLE: Bend into any position with unlimited creative possibilities. Perfect for entryways, bedrooms, refrigerators, dorms, offices or garages.
  • ORGANIZATION: Have all your keys in one location. Simply toss your keys at the rail and they will get caught by the powerful magnets.
  • HOLDS MULTIPLE KEYS: Powerful N52 Neodymium Magnets will hold any set of keys, fobs or lanyards regardless of their weight. Make sure your key ring is magnetic
  • EASY INSTALLATION ON METAL SURFACES: End-piece neodymium magnets ensure a strong mount on metallic surfaces and refrigerators.
  • MOUNTING TIP: Most drywall corners have a metal frame underneath that the magnets will stick to so you can mount without putting a hole in the drywall.
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