Outdoor Cedar Wood Stud Earrings, Night Skies, Camping Wilderness, Starry Night

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These earrings were inspired by an amazing view I had one night while car camping just south of Mt Rainier. Complete silence in the darkness, a sliver of bright moon, and off in the infinite distance, the twinkling of distant stars. The moonlight was bright enough to make out the endless silhouette of trees out in the distance. To commemorate that night I made these tiny landscape earrings!

These earrings are approximately 9mm in diameter.

All stages of production are handled by myself, from sanding down the wood, running the laser cut, hand sanding to remove debris, and mounting to studs.

Please note that wood color/grain will vary with each set of earrings, as well as the depth of the engrave as wood density cannot be controlled. If you are unsatisfied with your earring set, free exchanges may be done within 5 days of receipt of the earrings - just send me a message!

Take care when wearing. Do not submerge in water, or sleep with the earrings on. They are made out of wood, after all!

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