100 Pack Disposable Face Masks - 3 Ply Filter Protection Black Disposable

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100 Pack Disposable Face Masks - 3 Ply Filter Protection Black Disposable

100 Pack Disposable Face Masks 3 Ply Filter Protection Black Disposable

This hundred-pack of disposable face masks contains three layered filters to protect the face from various air pollutants. They are made to be used once and should not be washed or returned for hygiene reasons. If the mask is soiled or is not comfortable to wear, you should discard it immediately. If you are allergic to the material of face masks, you may want to try other brand masks.


IDC 100 Pack Disposable Face Mask is a 3-ply, non-woven disposable face mask that uses high filtration efficiency. It comes with an elastic ear loop and nose clip for comfort. Designed for general use, it is made of melt-blown polypropylene and PP non-woven fabric. Its three-ply filtration technology provides superior air flow and protection from contaminants.

These face masks come in a variety of colors and do not require washing. They are easy to misplace, too. They are sold in packs of 50 or 100, and cost less than $1 a mask. The IDC 100 Pack Disposable Face Masks 3 Ply Filter Protection Black Disposable


The BYD Care 100 Pack Disposable Eye Masks are made of three layered filters, and the black color offers the greatest level of face protection. The face masks are comfortable and lightweight to wear, with soft elastic ear loops for easy use. These disposable masks are designed to fit different face shapes and sizes, and provide full coverage of the mouth and nose. The masks are individually wrapped and sealed to prevent odor and irritation. The masks are made of polyester, nylon, and spandex, and come with a black edging for a sleek, professional look.

The BYD Care 100 Pack Disposable Eye Masks feature 3 layers of breathable fabric for long-term comfort. The 3-ply earloops are adjustable and made of soft, non-woven material. The masks are great for everyday use, and come in packs of 50 or 100. You'll love the value of the 100-pack.


The Diolv 100 Pack Disposables Face Masks are a convenient choice for daily protection. However, they are not recommended for high-risk situations such as hospitals. They are ideal for use in workshops, food processing, production workshops, public events, and dust-free environments. They are suitable for both adults and children. To use, simply pull the elastic loops over the ears and press the nose clip together to form a tight seal around the face.

These masks are available in three different sizes: XS, S, and M. These masks are made from three layers of nonwoven material, which trap harmful airborne particles. The pleated fabric and elastic ear loops keep the mask securely in place. Moreover, these disposable masks are non-adhesive, so they won't irritate sensitive skin.


If you're looking for a face mask that won't cause your skin to sweat, look no further. These disposable masks are made with three layers of high-quality, non-woven fabric and can be reused several times. The 3D design of the face mask is both breathable and flexible and supports delicate makeup. They're great for traveling, shopping, and other high-risk situations.

The patented three-layer construction offers a superior level of protection from allergens, pollutants, and airborne particles. Featuring a 3-ply filter, the masks are comfortable and durable and can protect you in public places without compromising on style. The soft, adjustable nose clip and extra-soft elastic ear loops make the black disposable face mask a comfortable fit for most facial contours. Available in black, these masks are safe for teenagers and adults alike.



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