Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump

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Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump

You can use an Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump for your Freshwater or Marine Aquarium. This pump can be adjusted to exhaust air at up to 2.0L per minute. It is ultra-silent and has two outlets that allow you to change the flow rate of the air in your aquarium. It also comes with a 6 foot long power cable. You can use it in the aquarium without any worries of damaging the aquarium's filtration system.

You can choose the air volume that best suits your tank, species, and budget. Most pumps have an output rating in gallons per hour (GPH), and you should choose one that matches your tank's water volume and the number of fish that live in it. Air pumps with a high GPH rate can still work well in smaller tanks. However, if you plan to change the water volume frequently, you may need a pump that is more powerful.

An air control valve is a helpful piece of equipment that can be used with an aquarium air pump. It prevents air from flowing backward through airline tubing and prevents it from siphoning out of the aquarium. Using an air check valve also helps prevent clogging and reduces water flow in the opposite direction. The adjustable air pumps that come with air check valves are available for about the same price as a regular air pump. The difference between these two pumps is in their power.


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