Decorative Vase - A Great Housewarming Gift

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Decorative Vase - A Great Housewarming Gift

Decorative Vase home Decor  Housewarming Gift

Whether it's for the new house in town or a gift for a new homeowner, a Decorative Vase is an excellent housewarming gift. This gift has many possibilities, from using Mod Podge to creating a colorful centerpiece to reusing an old glass vase. In this article, I will discuss some of my favorite home decor gift ideas for housewarming parties. Depending on the recipient's taste, you may even want to make your gift more personal.

Decorative Vases

A gift of fresh flowers to the new house can instantly transform it from a boring and uninviting place to a welcoming and cosy place. Decorative vases like the Etta Vase from Capra Designs, a designer firm from Australia, are the perfect housewarming gift. Inspired by an imaginary landscape, its curves and mauve base transform even the most ordinary bouquet into a beautiful and sculptural work of art.

Mod Podge Decorative Vase

Adding a touch of uniqueness to a vase is an excellent way to give a unique gift. You can also re-purpose a spaghetti jar as a vase. Simply purchase some Mod Podge and a bowl to make the project even easier. Then, cover the jar in the Mod Podge and add a piece of tissue paper. Apply Mod Podge to the entire jar, including the bottom and top. Once the jar is fully covered, fold the tissue paper over the vase and allow it to dry completely. Then, add raffia or other flowers for a personal touch.

Color shift paint

Paint your decorative vase in your favorite colors! Color shift paint works on just about any surface! It is so easy to apply that you can use it on a variety of items, including vases. Here's how it works: First, you need a basecoat of black paint. You will use a stencil brush to paint the base color, then apply the colored paint. This will give the vase a textured look.

Reuse a glass vase as a centerpiece

You can find many ways to reuse an old glass vase as a centerpiece for your home decor, including upcycling it into a decorative flower vase. Vases are easy to upcycle, and are often considered an inexpensive way to spruce up your decor. If you're looking for a more modern look, consider painting the glass vase metallic or adding birch twigs to the base.

Decorating a mercury glass vase

A timeless design that has long been a housewarming gift, the mercury glass vase can be used to display a fresh spray of flowers. Listed below are some tips to decorate a mercury glass vase. To find a suitable vase, shop from a trusted manufacturer, supplier, or marketplace seller. There are many options to choose from, including tall and low vases. There are many ways to decorate a mercury glass vase, but no matter what your style, you're bound to find a vase that fits the bill.


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