Dog Lick Pad - Pet Fun & Anxiety Distraction Device

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Dog Lick Pad - Pet Fun & Anxiety Distraction Device

Dog Lick Pad  Pet Fun  Anxiety Distraction Device

If your dog is prone to separation anxiety or licking on carpets, consider a pet lick pad. These nubbly mats are available in different sizes, and can be placed on your floors for your dog to lick on. The small size of the lick pad reduces messes and can be easily cleaned, and can also be used in public areas. This product is not for large dogs. If your dog is small and prone to licking, a lick pad may be enough.

Perfect Curve LickiMat

The Perfect Curve LickiMat is a pet fun & anxiety distraction device that works by providing your pet with a lickable treat. The treats can be made from safe human or pet food. When your dog licks a LickiMat, it releases calming hormones and promotes fresh breath. It also encourages saliva production, which helps with digestion.

Unlike ordinary chew toys, this anxiety distraction device is durable. It's made of a chew-resistant material, which means your pet can't destroy it. The mat can also be stuck to any hard surface in the home, such as a glass door. Your pup won't flip it over because of its strong suction cups. It's also great for stressful situations, such as vet visits.

Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad

A lick pad is an excellent tool for pet owners that are looking for ways to distract their pets and create a fun environment for them and their furry friends. This pet fun and anxiety distraction device comes in a variety of designs, and is made of BPA-free silicone. It features four quadrants, each with a unique design that helps to distract and entertain your pet.

This lick pad can help calm a nervous dog by distracting it with a treat. It is also a helpful pet anxiety distraction device during a bath because it can keep your pet facing right. It is available in red and blue, and comes in a three-pack with each color. It is easy to clean and comes in a convenient size so you can easily transport it to your dog's favorite spot.

Hyper Pet IQ Calm Treat Mat

The IQ Treat Mat is a lick pad that is designed to slow your dog down and relieve anxiety. Available in two sizes, a small licking mat is 7.8 inches in square and a large licking mat is 11 inches square, the licking mat is made of FDA-grade TPE and is safe to microwave and freeze. It's easy to clean and sticks to almost any smooth surface.

The IQ Treat Mat works by encouraging repetitive licking, which releases endorphins and calms your dog. It is a great alternative to a slow feeder bowl and can curb destructive behavior during stressful moments. Another bonus is that the IQ Treat Mat is non-toxic and FDA Grade TPE, which makes it a safe alternative to traditional dog food bowls.

Hyper Pet IQ Calm

The Hyper Pet IQ Calm Dog Lick Mat is an effective way to curb destructive behavior and reduce dog anxiety. This device is designed to encourage repetitive licking to boost endorphins. The mat comes in a variety of colors, including orange. It is also designed with a raised pattern to stimulate saliva production while scraping bacteria from your dog's tongue. Unlike slow-feeder bowls, the IQ Treat Mat can withstand the most rugged environments.

The hyper pet licking pad is made with silicone and is safe for your dog to chew on. You can smear food onto it can be cleaned easily. This pad also has suction cups on the bottom so it is easy to clean. While supervised, it can be a fun distraction for your dog during a grooming session. You can even replace your regular food with a licky mat meal when you're not at home to supervise your dog.


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