Fill a Decorative Vase With a Housewarming Gift

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Fill a Decorative Vase With a Housewarming Gift

Decorative Vase home Decor  Housewarming Gift

Decorative Vases are a popular gift for housewarmings and are a great way to show your appreciation. If you're not sure what to fill them with, consider shredded music sheets or book pages. These can add a vintage, natural feel to the decor. You can even use coffee beans or Scrabble tiles.

Decorative Vases

Fresh flowers are a great way to make a new home feel cozy. If you want to give fresh flowers as a housewarming gift, consider a decorative vase. Capra Designs' Etta Vase is inspired by an imagined landscape, and its unique large curve and mauve-colored base transform any ordinary bouquet into a beautiful work of art.

DIY vase filler ideas

Vase fillers are an excellent way to add variety to your home decor. They come in many different forms, from plants and other natural materials to artificial ones and can be changed frequently to reflect the season. For example, fall is a great time to use acorns and pine cones, while winter is a great time to add dried flower petals. Artificial fruit is also a great choice for summer.

Scrabble tiles as a vase filler

If you're a word nerd, you'll love this Scrabble vase filler. This simple home decor idea is an ideal way to use old Scrabble tiles. Simply fill a vase with the tiles and top it off with faux blooms. Not only is it a great way to reuse old Scrabble tiles, it also makes for a great gift for a word nerd or bookish friend.

Coffee beans as a vase filler

Coffee beans are a fun way to add color to your vase without having to buy expensive flowers. These earthy-toned beans can be collected yourself or purchased at the grocery store. They give off a lovely aroma and can blend with any decor. For a unique touch, you can spray paint the beans or purchase them already painted.

Cereal as a vase filler

Cereal and gumballs are both fun and easy to use as vase fillers. They look great in vases and give off a sweet fragrance. These fillers are great for weddings, kid's parties, and baby showers. You can easily get different colored varieties to match the decor of your event. You can also use cereal and gumballs as fillers in a coffee vase. Adding them to the center cylinder of a candle is also an easy DIY project for the kids.

Gumballs as a vase filler

Gumballs are a fun and easy way to fill your vase with color. They come in all colors and are great for vases of all sizes. The contrasting colors make a vase look brighter and cheerier.


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