Mini Sea Animal Figures Toy Plastic Small Ocean Animal Figurine Set 32PCS

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Mini Sea Animal Figures Toy Plastic Small Ocean Animal Figurine Set 32PCS

Mini Sea Animal Figures Toy Plastic Small Ocean Animal Figurine Set 32PCS

This adorable miniature toy sea life figurine set includes twelve miniature toy animals measuring two to three inches. Featuring starfish, stingray, turtle, crab, and lobster, this ocean sea life figurine set will delight your child's imagination and encourage pretend play. These miniature figurines are also an excellent fit for Montessori continent boxes. They are also durable and safe. This set is perfect for little ones who enjoy the wonders of the ocean.


This Life-like Mini Sea Animal Figures ToY Plastic Small Oceananimal Figurine Set features more than thirty-two marine creatures. It is made of BPA-Free plastic and is safe for children. It comes with six base options and six figures. Each figure is 3.5 to 4.4 inches tall. They are painted by professionals to have accurate details and last for a long time.


This durable miniature sea animal figures set is made of 100% safe and nontoxic plastic. It is suitable for children aged three and up. Each toy measures about two inches. It's safe enough to use as a bath toy and can be easily cleaned by children. The animals were hand-painted by professionals to ensure they look perfect and have great details. The animals are also made of durable plastic, which is why parents can be rest assured that their children won't be hurt by them.

This durable plastic small ocean animal figurine set features 46 realistic plastic creatures. Each figurine measures about two inches in length and 1.5 to three inches in width. Children will have a great time playing with these miniature sea animals and are sure to appreciate their quality and realistic looks. Even though they're made of plastic, they still encourage imaginative play. They're best for children aged three and up. You can buy them separately or in sets.


RCOMG's Mini Sea Animal Figures Toy Plastic Small Water Animal Figurine Set is a great way to introduce the wonders of the ocean to your child. The set contains 12 miniature figures, ranging in size from two to 3.5 inches. They feature beautiful, realistic details that encourage learning and play, while also being durable. These toys make great additions to Montessori continent boxes, pretend play, or a child's collection.

You can purchase the newest and most adorable collection of miniature sea animals. Choose from the Nile Crocodile 1:160 Mouth Open, Toddlewaddle Penguin Family, or Lil Woodzeez Miniature Animal Figurine Set. You can create a mini scene for your child to display the animals they love! These adorable figures are also perfect for displaying your love for nature.


You can find a wide range of miniature figurines of ocean animals in a variety of prices. You can also find figurines in realistic scales that make your child's imagination run wild. The most affordable miniature figurines are made from plastic, which means they're incredibly durable. This type of figurine set is ideal for children who love animals and want to display them.


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