The Freetrain V1 Vest - The Original Training and Running Vest Chest Phone Hold

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The Freetrain V1 Vest - The Original Training and Running Vest Chest Phone Hold

Freetrain V1 Vest  The Original Training and Running Vest Chest Phone Hold

Despite the Freetrain's innovative design, the original chest phone holder doesn't offer the perfect holding solution for your smartphone. A sticky plastic window on the back of the vest ruins the view. It also causes cleavage. This vest's problem isn't unique to this model. Rather, it's common with most running vests.

Fluid storage system

Freetrain V1 vest chest phone holds are great for holding your cell phone while you work out. The pockets aren't huge, but they'll hold a small gel or snack bar. Your credit card or debit card will fit inside, too. While the vest is bulky, your phone won't be able to take long emails with it. If this is an issue for you, there are alternatives.

Phone holder

The Freetrain V1 Vest Chest phone holster is a stylish chest mounted smartphone holder. It has a flip down screen for quick access to your phone, and is a major upgrade from traditional arm or waist bands. But, there are a few drawbacks. First, it blocks the ambient light sensor, which judges the brightness of your display. You have to manually adjust the brightness. Second, the Freetrain V1 doesn't allow you to plug in your wired headphones.

Sticky plastic on window

This Freetrain V1 Vest is a mobile phone holder that looks like a bulletproof vest or sports bra. The case is large and bulky, making it difficult to remove your smartphone mid-run. This isn't a big deal, unless you frequently take pictures or videos during your workout. If you do, you can simply attach your smartphone to the protective sleeve and take photos or videos without having to take it out of your vest.

Cleavage caused by design

Many men and women experience strange cleavage if they don't wear a sports bra. This vest's design may cause cleavage or manboobs depending on the wearer's height and chest measurement. For more information on cleavage caused by Freetrain V1 Vest, click here. Let us know what you think in the comments section. It's time to start looking for a sports bra!


The Freetrain V1 Vest - The Original, Training and Running-Vest-Chest Phone-Hold is an ultra-reflective vest with built-in chest phone holder. The vest's reflective properties make it safe for nighttime runs. It is also perforated with breathable holes to allow any excess heat to escape. This way, you can reduce your risk of overheating.


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