TSTAK Expansion and Soft Tool Organizer

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TSTAK Expansion and Soft Tool Organizer

Tool Organizer TSTAK Expansion

The TSTAK Expansion is an excellent storage solution for a wide variety of tools. This clear-topped toolbox features 6 compartments: two large and five small. The see-through polycarbonate lid makes it easy to identify tools and supplies. This organizer also includes a handy pen holder. A clear, plastic lid gives you easy access to all contents. The holder is made of durable polycarbonate.

Soft Tool Organizer Compatible with TSTAK(r)

The Soft Tool Organizer Compatible with TST Ak(r) features over 25 pockets for storing your tools, personal belongings, and other items. The TSTAK Compatible Soft Tool Organizer can be worn on a belt, shoulder, or across the chest, and it can connect to most TSTAK products and modules. For added convenience, this toolbox can be used as a toolbox organizer with the TSTAK accessory.

The TSTAK single drawer contains a removable foam insert with lids for convenient storage. The TSTAK Foam Inserts keep the drill-impact driver combination from shifting and carry measurement gear. The TSTAK system features a lockable, locking, and dual-wheel design that makes moving tools and storage easier. The TSTAK system is compatible with all popular tools. It is a great way to keep your tools organized and ready to go.

Compatible with TSTAK(r)

Whether you're a DIYer or a professional handyman, the TSTAK Organizer System will keep your tools and supplies organized. This system offers durability and ease of use. With its TSTAK storage system, you can stack storage boxes and attach additional containers for easy organization. This system is made for easy storage and transportation, making it perfect for any job site. Here are some of the top accessories for the TSTAK.

Double Shallow Drawers - These handy pull-out drawers can hold small electrical and electronic components. The three-compartment design also lets you easily access your test and measurement equipment. The Deep Box is a versatile and functional toolbox with roots in traditional toolbox designs. Its dividers and removable foam inserts make it easy to organize and transport your tools and other equipment. This unit can accommodate up to 66 pounds of gear.


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