VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel Hand Crimp Stemball Swages for 1/4'' Wire Rope

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VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel Hand Crimp Stemball Swages for 1/4'' Wire Rope

VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel HandCrimp Stemball Swages for 14

The SS316T marine-grade steel stemball swages from VistaView are 100% functional and are made to last. They are the cheapest type of end fittings and are 100% functional. They are made to withstand extreme conditions, allowing you to use them with confidence. There's no need to worry about corrosion or rust when they're part of the cable system.

Terminals for 1/4" cable

Installing a cable railing system requires that the tensioning cables be properly positioned. A VistaView Stainless Steel Hand-Crimp Stemball Swage is an excellent choice for this purpose. This product is made of marine grade stainless steel for maximum durability and strength. It also features excellent weather protection. In addition, VistaView CableTec offers great project assistance and customer service to help you with your project.

Suitable for wire rope sizes of one eighth inch to three inches, VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel Hand-Srimp Stemball Swages are constructed from high-quality T316 marine-grade stainless steel for utmost corrosion resistance. They are the most affordable type of end fittings and are 100% functional. They can be used for all types of cable assembly, including marine and architectural.

Stainless steel T316 marine-grade

The VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel Hand-CRimp Stemball Swages for 1/4'' Wire Rope will ensure a reliable connection between two pieces of wire rope. These high-quality swages feature T316 marine-grade stainless steel, which offers maximum durability and resistance to corrosion. They are ideal for use in cable railing and boat rigging.

These quality tools are made with stainless steel and come with a 15-year warranty. You can also purchase additional tools if you want to complete a larger project. The VistaView Hand Crimper Tool with Built-In Cutter is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from railing to boat rigging. The quality of VistaView CableTec products is well known, and these tools are no exception.


For a safe, secure end to your cable railing, you should consider the VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel Hand Crimp Stemball Swages for 1/4'' Wire Rope. These end fittings are made of marine-grade stainless steel for maximum durability. The stemballs are made for use with turnbuckles and threaded terminal studs. They provide an affordable end fitting, and are 100% functional.

To install the cables, you'll need a hand crimping tool. A standard crimping tool cannot crimp Stemball Swages, and you could end up with loose cables that slip out. In addition, you need to use a flat washer with VistaView CableTec Hand-Crimp Stemball Swages, which will prevent the cables from coming loose or slipping out. The company has extensive online resources and customer support that can help you find the right cable railing tools for your project.

Easy to install

If you're in need of a good quality, dependable wire rope end fitting, the VistaView CableTec Stainless Steel Hand-Cut Stemball Swages are what you need. Made of marine grade stainless steel, these tools are the least expensive and most functional type of end fitting. They are available in starter, tension, and double-ended versions.

These cable rail fittings are made of marine grade stainless steel and are paired with a threaded terminal and turnbuckle. To install these crimping tools, you will need a marine-style hand crimping tool, which you can rent. Suitable for 1/4" through 1/4" cable, the stemball swages are suitable for use in wood posts as well as aluminum and steel posts.


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