White Noise For Baby Sound Machine With 12 Sounds

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White Noise For Baby Sound Machine With 12 Sounds

White Noise for Baby Sound Machine with 12 Sounds Sleep Aid for Adults

White Noise for Baby Sound Machines offer a variety of soothing sounds. They can be used alone or as part of a broader sleep routine. Several brands offer a variety of different sounds. The MyNoise for Baby machine is a popular choice among parents because it features 12 different sounds. It is designed to soothe newborns to three months of age, and can be used up to four years old.

AVANTEK Sound Machine

Aventek makes some of the best sleep aids on the market, and their white noise sound machine is no exception. This machine has ten different sounds, including white noise, ocean, waterfall, and a fireplace. The machine also has an auto-off timer, which makes it ideal for a child's bedroom. The sound machine also features a headphone jack and comes with a USB cable.

Marpac Yogasleep's Nod Classic

The Marpac Yogasleep's nod classic white noise for baby is a powerful and versatile machine for lulling babies to sleep. It uses a USB charging cable to provide a soft amber nightlight, 20 baby-soothing sounds, and eight lullabies. It has a heartbeat setting for infants and has a three-timer mode for adjusting the sounds.


The SNOObear is a white noise machine that plays soothing sounds that babies and children can associate with a good night's sleep. Its award-winning SNOO sounds are paired with 3 new comforting rhythms that can help calm your child's nerves and get him to drift off to sleep. Designed for babies under 1 year of age, the SNOObear is portable and can be hung on a pram or car seat. With a soft, responsive sound that's gentle, a SNOObear can also help soothe your fussy child during feeding, nappy changes, or even giggles.

MyNoise for Baby Sound Machine

MyNoise for Baby is a sound machine for babies that can help soothe your child while they sleep. This machine features a variety of calming sounds and can help babies relax and fall asleep quickly. You can choose between eight free tracks and purchase extra songs for 99 pence each. The machine should be used in conjunction with a healthy sleep routine to promote healthy sleeping habits. It's essential to learn about the sleep cues of your child and how to use this machine to help them get the best night's sleep.

Suzy The Portable Baby Soother

Suzy the portable baby soother features 6 soothing sounds to soothe babies to sleep, including white noise, ocean waves, mum's heartbeat, and shushing. It also works as a sound monitor, enabling you to keep an eye on your baby. It has a cry sensor and will automatically turn off after 20 minutes or when the baby stops crying. It also has a volume control to regulate the sounds for a more peaceful sleep.


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