Electric Mermaid Screen Print Confetti; Screen Print Transfer; Tee Sprinkles; Shirt Confetti; Make it Yourself; DIY; Mermaid; Bleach Shirt

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Hop on the new shirt trend with screen print confetti!

-This has a touch of shimmer to it because the purple is a metallic finish-

Comes in a convenient 4 oz. shaker bottle!

Whether you are new to screen print transfers, or experienced, you’re sure to love how easy these are to use! Sprinkle a little, or sprinkle a lot, cover with a teflon sheet, press (with a heat press to cure it) and you’re done! It’s that simple.

You will need a heat press (I do not recommend a house hold iron or a cricut easy press as you don’t get the same pressure and consistency as you will with a heat press)

325F - 350F for 10 seconds with HEAVY pressure.

These can be used on any cotton, poly, or blends!

PLEASE NOTE: This Confetti is meant to be different shapes and sizes. Due to the difference, some pieces may have a hard time coming out of the shaker top. If this occurs, simply unscrew the top and grab a pinch to sprinkle with your fingers.

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