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Product Description

Welcome to Moonash
new solution stylish moonsash unique patented reflective safety sash pet walking night walks comfy

Even the best reflective gear is worthless if it’s never worn. If it's uncomfortable or makes you look silly, chances are you won't wear it for long.

Go ahead, try a harness – get it untangled, adjusted the straps, buckle yourself in... comfortable? Didn't think so. And sorry, you look as bad as you feel. Construction worker? Then a hi-vis vest is a must. If not, everyone will think you are part of the road crew. How about a squeezing, wrinkling elastic reflective band? Anyone that has worn one can tell you they can’t wait to get it off – and will probably never wear again.

one and only easy simple usable practical designed to be used neon yellow awesome midnight black

Easy to put on > provides quick access to night time essentials > and it won't cramp your style. Choose from neon yellow or the new Midnight version in black.

comfortable reversible stylish durable practical easy on off many sizes high quality made in USA

No buckles. No adjusting, no inside-out. Easy on and off. No obnoxious lights. All your essentials at your fingertips. So comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing it, until someone compliments you or it saves your life.

clip on essential unique uniquely yours your moonsash personalize carry carabiner portable make


Don't keep your poor dog waiting while you frantically search for your night dog walking gear. Clip on all your essentials and your set. No more searching - just grab it and go! You'll be walking in no time, safe and prepared every time.


Escape being locked in and get out at night for a walk. Slip on your Moonsash with all your evening gear and you'll never be searching or forgetting essentials. Stay sane. Stay safe. Be seen!


When you're sharing the road with traffic, Moonsash helps keep you safe by making you seen by drivers and pedestrians. Hands-free convenience that keeps you ready to roll in safety and style.

medium XL mini midnight black neon yellow green original kids adults big tall children teens women


To provide fashionable retro-reflective night safety wear, made in the USA, that’s simple, effective, easy, convenient and super stylish. We want every man, woman, child, kid, teen, commuter, student, dog-walker, biker, walker, exerciser and night stroller to be seen at night. So... BE SEEN AT NIGHT! Thank you and be SAFE!

simple left right patented packable practical fashionable coutoured versatile be safe be seen enjoy


Don't compromise when it comes to your safety. Yes, our products may be a more than some of our competitors/infringers, but you get what you pay for. Why try to save a few dollars when it comes to your life and safety? We at Moonsash take our customers and their safety first and do not cut any corners in quality or craftsmanship:

  • Thicker, heavier double-layer webbing (tough and durable)
  • Denser, more reflective premium-grade retro-reflective material (more reflectivity)
  • Durable poly heavy-duty thread – double, back and over-stitched (long-lasting quality sewing)
  • Nickel plated #1 toothed brass grommet (it's in there forever)
  • Flat plated-steel fashion 28mm keyring (much nicer than cruddy plain keyrings)
  • High-strength aluminum #6 D-ring carabiner (not too big, small... or expensive)
  • MADE IN USA (support American workers!)

60 day guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your product - we offer a 60 day warranty on all your purchases. Simply send the item back to us for a free full refund or replacement.


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