Solar Sunflower Lights, Outdoor Sunflower Solar Garden

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Solar Garden Lights Outdoor will automatically charging in the daytime and they will auto light up at dusk and light off at dawn


1. Remove the film on the solar panel before first use. Please ensure the switch in the ON position (the bottom of the panel) when the solar panel is absorbing sunlight.

2. Please make sure that the sun lamp is in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours to reach a sufficient state of charge.

3. Solar garden lights need to keep away from the street lights, otherwise, it will affect the normal use of solar lights.

4. Make sure the bottom switch is off when you want to store it.

5. It is recommended that the lamp should not be exposed to frost and snow, otherwise the lamp will be damaged.

Solar Sunflower Lights can bring fabulous lights to create a romantic and festival atmosphere for your garden and life!

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